Research & innovation

With a policy of continuous research and development of new solutions, Manorga has been committed to an innovation-based approach from the moment it was created.
It keeps a close eye on market needs so it is always able to better organise and optimise storage spaces.

Research & innovation
2 new products created or redesigned every year.

Process de fabrication et performances

An innovation-based approach in order to meet new requirements

Constantly creating

For Manorga, innovation is the primary mission. Our design and engineering staff are constantly developing new manufacturing standards, but also customised products and bespoke solutions. From project development to implementation, we create with the minimum delay.

Standards constantly being revised

Our mission of developing and improving our products allows us to offer very high-quality solutions.
Our wide range of standard products meets all configuration requirements and adapts to changes in working methods..

Collaboration on major projects

Listening carefully

Combining flexibility, know-how and industrial competence, the experienced Manorga teams listen carefully to the different needs of the market.

A proactive approach

To make appropriate offers, Manorga devises complete solutions, meeting all of the customer’s needs, even those not explicitly stated.