40 years of expertise

More than just offering standards and ad hoc solutions, Manorga maintains a genuine partnership. Advising customers is a priority and we pursue a process of improvement with them in order to meet their expectations and anticipate market needs.

40 ans de savoir-faire
Over 40 years of expertise

55 million euros turnover for 2013

260 employees

Operating in 17 countries

80 tonnes of processed raw materials a day

10 to 12 km of shelving and 700 to 800 m² of mezzanines every day

The quality of our products is well-known

Robustness, safety and aesthetics are the three pillars of our commitment to quality for all of our product lines.

Our factory assures a fully integrated manufacturing process

Two modern and efficient manufacturing sites of 30,000 m2 allow great flexibility in production and implementation times that meet customer expectations.

Our location in the heart of Europe and our commercial presence in 17 countries ensure our expertise has an international reach.

Our technical resources are constantly growing

Our design and engineering departments, factories and logistics department are equipped with the most efficient technical resources. Our investment policy is part of our evolution and innovation approach.

We attach great importance to the skills and knowledge of our teams

Our teams are comprised of employees trained in the Manorga processes and the “customer service” dimension. They are motivated by their profession and fully conversant with our methods.

We work in partnership on major projects

We work in partnership on major projects For complex projects, we support our customers from the planning stage onwards in order to provide the best solution in accordance with the technical, budgetary and regulatory constraints

We can intervene upstream

Depending on the nature of your projects, our design and engineering staff or our technical sales staff analyse your environment and your requirements, and help you to draw up your specifications and design your plans.

Like the quality of our processes and manufacturing, the safety of the installations created using our products is also an essential criteria, and is fulfilled in accordance with current regulations and standards.

Facilitating or limiting access to stored products or archived documents is often an integral part of the specifications. Manorga offers a range of accessories and practical storage solutions for industrial warehouses, commercial premises and archive rooms.