Handling Security

ManOrga offers a range of products dedicated to protecting your warehouse and your environment.


  • Mesh doors and partitions, secured shelving to prevent unauthorised access
  • Secured shelving to control access to products
  • Containment shelving for storing non-corrosive pollutants.

For your light-duty handing requirements, we offer a wide variety of trolleys to meet the needs of many different businesses.


Manorga offers a comprehensive range of practical trolleys tailored to your needs: shop trolley, handling trolley for industry, workshop trolley.

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To protect and secure your warehouses, Manorga presents its "Security, Environment" range: Flip containment shelving for storing non-corrosive pollutants and Epsivol mesh for protecting and limiting access to your products.

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Protection Security

Our protection / security range ensures maximum protection of people and equipment and conformity with your professional environment thanks to the robust and reliable protection of your facilities and machines.

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