The storage mezzanine optimises the available storage space by doubling or even tripling the surface area. Installing a mezzanine is the perfect solution for better exploitation of the available space as it allows you to take advantage of the height of the building. Mezzanines are are made to measure in our factory with short leadtimes and are quick and easy to install. They can be fitted with railings or safety gate for maximum safety. Load capacities per m² are precisely matched to your intended use. All our storage mezzanines comply with FEM 10.2.02 recommendations and & Eurocode III standards.

The storage mezzanine

The storage mezzanine gives you the ability to double or even triple your storage surface area, depending on the height of the ceiling, without having to build new buildings. Its self-supporting structure makes it reliable and allows fast assembly. Offices can be built on or underneath the mezzanine and a pallet truck can be used on the platform.

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Mezzanine above shelving

Mezzanine above shelving The mezzanine above shelving is a robust system that allows shelving to be installed on several levels.
With it, you can store your products, tools or raw materials on the lower level and have the freedom to use the upper level as desired. Installation on 2 or 3 levels will allow you to fully exploit your surface area for storing your products. The different storage zones can be accessed using different stairways and bridges.

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