For storing semi-heavy or bulky items with restricted access (hazardous products, high-value goods, tools, etc.).
Scalable, the mesh Epsivol can be adapted to suit new storage requirements by adding additional levels (you must check the load capacity per bay, please ask).

Modular so you can easily mix Epsivol mesh and standard Epsivol in the same bay to create some spaces with easy access and others with secure access.

The optional containment tray is ideal for protecting the floor against any leakages of non-corrosive pollutants.

EPSIVOL medium-duty shelving

with 2 or 3 storage tiers composed of step beams and wire shelves

Mesh shelves

100x50 mm, wire diameter 5 mm, electrozinc finish.

Back and side walls and roof

in 50x50 mm mesh

Padlockable double door

for maximum security

Optional containment trays

for storing canisters and pollutants


Technical characteristics :

  • Frame

    • Bottle-profile uprights 50×50 mm – 1.5 mm thick
    • Double perforations on the front every 50 mm
    • Galvanised footplates 110×60 mm to be bolted onto the base of the uprights
    • Galvanised “C” profile horizontal and diagonal braces 25×15 mm to be bolted on the uprights
  • Beams

    • Step beam 65×36 with welded connecting parts with 3 location points
    • Optional safety pin for locking the beam in place on the frame upright
  • Shelves

    • Mesh shelves, mesh 100×50 mm, wire diameter 5 mm, electrozinc finish.
  • Mesh panels

    • Back and side walls, doors and roof in 50×50 mm welded mesh
    • Lockable doors
  • Containment tray

    • Height 260 mm – depth 800 mm
    • Capacity 375 litres

Standard colours :

Uprights Anthracite grey RAL 7024

Beams and panels
light grey RAL 7035

RAL 1004

Dimensions :


  • 2.000 mm
  • 2.500 mm


  • 1.800 mm


  • 600 mm
  • 800 mm

Load capacities

  • up to 400 kg per level
  • up to 4.500 kg per bay uniformly distributed and depending on configuration