MEZZAMAN - The industrial mezzanine

ManOrga presents the Mezzaman platform, designed to help companies optimise their workspaces.

  • Add up to 3 extra storeys to your premises (GF+3) without planning permission
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Standard production lead time: 3 to 4 weeks

Mezzaman industrial mezzanines

Our made-to-measure Mezzaman industrial mezzanine offers a variety of solutions to meet all your storage and workspace expansion needs. Mezzaman platforms are easy to assemble, reliable and comply with European and French technical standards.

Mezzaman industrial mezzanine for optimised storage

The Mezzaman platform is the ideal solution for companies looking to maximise the use of their storage space. It is easy to install and can be configured to meet the needs of any company. This robust and reliable solution can withstand rolling loads of up to 1,000 kg/m² and is suitable for a wide range of layouts.

Mezzaman industrial mezzanine – Transform your workspace

The Mezzaman platform is an industrial mezzanine designed for companies looking to expand their workspace. It’s designed for a more comfortable and stable ride, with a dry ribbed sheet metal platform and a layer of chipboard for extra strength. This flexible solution lets you organise your workspaces however you want.

The PAB version of the Mezzaman platform is both stylish and functional. It is particularly well suited to showrooms, retail areas, sports halls and other facilities that are open to the public. The structure of this compact solution is available in a variety of colours, with a white ribbed sheet metal platform for a sleek finish. The stairs and railings can also be customised.

A customised need?

Create the racking dedicated to your dimensions, your load capacity, your heights, your colours with our configurator.

the MEZZAMAN range is available for following uses

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