Handling and security

ManOrga offers secure storage solutions to protect your products and your working environment. We have developed a range of products specifically designed to keep your warehouse safe and secure. 

Our secure storage solutions to suit all your needs 

Our doors and partition panels are specifically designed to protect access and prevent unauthorised entry. We also offer secure shelving to help you control access to stored products. We have designed shelving with integrated spill trays for non-corrosive pollutants. For your small material handling needs, we offer a wide range of trolleys to meet the requirements of a variety of industries… 

Here at ManOrga, we are committed to providing secure storage solutions to help you run your business with absolute peace of mind and in complete safety.

our doors and partition panels

We offer a wide range of doors and partitions for secure storage areas, which can be combined with all our shelving systems thanks to their bolted construction and universal hinges. ManOrga boxes are also equipped with wire mesh partitions and accessories that can be combined in a variety of ways to better organise your storage space. 

Secure shelving and containment shelving

Our complete range of secure shelving is designed to protect your products while optimising your storage space. 

The Flip containment shelving is ideal for storing non-corrosive pollutants, thanks to its integrated spill trays. The Epsivol grated shelving system, fitted with double doors and a padlock attachment, can be used to safely store bulky, medium duty items such as drums or small barrels. You can also add optional spill trays to store non-corrosive pollutants. Finally, the drop-safe guard provides effective protection for walkways and your goods, whatever the shelving installed.

Our trolleys for handling small objects

We offer a wide range of light duty handling trolleys to suit your needs. 

Our standard trolley is ideal for transporting loads around industrial sites, while our universal trolley with its plywood panel is ideal for transporting small parts. 

The trolley with two side panels is suitable for transporting long items, while the universal trolley with two side panels and a back and front panel makes it easier to transport larger loads. 

The four-tier trolley can be used to transport loose items, while the EPSIVOL trolley has four shelves to transport goods safely and securely. The cantilever trolley is ideal for handling long span loads, while the tyre trolley is perfect for handling and transporting tyres.

Our solutions for a safe working environment

We can provide you with safety rails, safety docks, floor divider barriers, partition walls and industrial tables. 

Our FEM standard safety rails can be used to protect aisles, machinery and shelving from being damaged by forklift trucks. Our safety docks allow pallets to be loaded and unloaded at height in complete safety, avoiding any contact with the operator on the platform. Our floor divider barriers can be used to fence off high risk areas and protect your circulation areas. 

Our free-standing industrial partitions are the perfect solution for defining and separating spaces for improved health and safety. 

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