ManOrga provides storage and layout solutions for professionals.

Looking for a shelving solution for your industry, office or business? ManOrga can put you in touch with local distributors and help you make the right choice. Discover all our advice on choosing the right professional shelving solution for your needs.

We develop bespoke solutions aimed at organising spaces in a sustainable way. We adapt to the needs and uses of each customer, whatever their industry. Our products are designed to be durable, modular and expandable. 

All ManOrga solutions are certified, designed and manufactured in France, at our two factories in the Hauts-de-France region. Our storage solutions meet the needs of the service, cultural and security sectors, as well as the specific requirements of warehouses, industrial companies and workshops.

Filing / Archiving

Office shelving and storage and archiving solutions for the service sector

ManOrga’s office shelving ranges provide storage space for your customers in the service sector. Depending on your needs, you can use our shelving solutions to store archives, organise filing cabinets, hang files or store office supplies.  


Our shelving solutions for the cultural sector

ManOrga produces shelving for the cultural sector. Do you run a museum or library? Are you planning an exhibition? Our teams can design bespoke shelving to suit every need.


Solutions to secure your shelving

Our solutions are also designed to secure shelving and stored products. Our design office takes into account any risks (such as falling objects) and guides the teams through the key points to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Our warehouse shelving ranges

ManOrga supplies shelving solutions for warehouses and storage facilities. ManOrga’s made-to-measure warehouse shelving can be used to store tools, small consumables or even clothing. We also offer ranges for storing tyres, pallets and merchandise, depending on your customer’s needs.

Modulate levels

Our range of bespoke shelving for industry and workshops

For industry, ManOrga offers tailor-made solutions to suit your company’s environment. We can adapt industrial and workshop shelving to suit your workspaces and circulation areas.

Do you have specific installation requirements at different heights?
ManOrga has developed a special range of storage solutions that make the most of the available height (platforms and multi-level shelving).

A shelving range for companies, designed for the user

ManOrga can provide you and your customers with professional and technical support for all of your projects. Our teams are committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Our aim is to work with you in a spirit of mutual respect and trust.

Our flexible organisation ensures the shortest possible manufacture lead times. Here at ManOrga, we offer a 24 hour dispatch service for certain products, and our dedicated teams are on hand to help you whenever you need them. Our shelving ranges are tailor-made and constantly evolving to create spaces to suit your customers and their activities.

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Customised studies, design and production
Customised studies, design and production
Assistance with assembly
Assistance with assembly
Livraison rapide départ en 24h*
Livraison rapide départ en 24h** for certain products
Assistance and dedicated support services
Assistance and dedicated support services