FLIPLUS - medium duty shelving

The simple, expandable, multi-level, medium duty storage solution

  • Medium duty storage system
  • Tubular or steel sheet shelves
  • Multi-tier installation
Made in France

Medium duty storage system

Our Fliplus shelving is designed to meet your most demanding requirements with ease, thanks to a load capacity up to 500 kg per level and 2,500 kg per bay.

Modular and expandable medium duty shelving

There are two types of shelves to choose from, tubular or steel sheet, which are fully compatible with each other, allowing you to adapt the structure to suit your needs (tubular for boxes, trays and other packaged goods, and sheet metal for loose items, machined parts, moulds, etc.).

The shelves can also be covered with chipboard, wood panels, sheet metal or wire mesh.

Have your original requirements changed? So can the shelving. Shelves and bays can be easily added, removed or repositioned without dismantling the entire structure.

A multi-level installation to make the most of the available height

Thanks to its robust design, Fliplus shelving can be used to create multi-tier installations.

A customised need?

Create the racking dedicated to your dimensions, your load capacity, your heights, your colours with our configurator.

the FLIPLUS range is available for following uses

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