Published on 21 March 2022

50 years ManOrga

Time has come!

It all began in 1971, with a small team in the town of Rouen. Today has Manorga more than 250 employees and 2 production sites located in Les Hauts de France.

50 years of production and projects Made in France.

For this special occasion, the Manorga team will celebrate this anniversary throughout the entire year with exciting events, new products, surprises…

The first step is the creation of a logo that  defines  this event and our teams ‘ identity.

Decryption of our logo:

  • Human  is at the heart of our concerns : The Man is surrounded by the 5 of 50 years.
  • The 3 colors of the french flag are representing the « Made in France » production.    
  • The 5 in the O refers to the symbol of infinity ∞.

Follow us on social networks and find out what’s happening for the 50 years of Manorga!!

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