Published on 27 July 2022

Sport: a source of well-being at ManOrga

What is the MSSA

It’s the ManOrga Social and Sports Association! This association was established up to aid reintegration and to foster a team spirit with everyone working together and supporting each other. Our employees come together to play team sports like football, table tennis, badminton, etc. This contributes to their well-being and helps maintain a good work environment.

The association organises numerous activities throughout the year and boosts interactions by creating connections. It also enables employees to play sports every day if they want to.
On the programme : Indoor football, Badminton, Basketball, Running…

What is the purpose of the association?

To connect companies and job seekers via partnerships with other associations, local authorities, councils, etc. It means being an actor in the employment sector by aiding the integration of job seekers so that they may embrace the values conveyed by sport!

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