Published on 06 July 2022

3 steps to automate storage

When order management becomes difficult to manage within a warehouse, it is recommended to automate the logistics systems.

Automation is revolutionising order fulfilment in e-commerce as it allows for a significant increase in order throughput and by extension overall productivity.

There are several steps to be analysed in order to adopt this solution.

Step 1 to automate storage: feasibility study

This feasibility study makes it possible to determine the operations to be automated when the flows are constant and repetitive. It is carried out before the software is installed to coordinate the automation of the installation. This study determines the appropriate layout, the work cycles of the operators and the type of load.

Step 2 for warehouse automation: implementation of order management software

Thanks to automated software developed with the data from the study, the robots run through the aisles, managing the entry, placement and exit of the material, thus reducing the tediousness of handling for the employees. A real time saver!

Also known as AutoStore, this solution is well known and designed for retail companies, e-tailers and distribution.

The advantages are numerous:

  • Increase storage space by reducing the size of aisles.
  • Eliminate errors, facilitate stock control and updating with up-to-date management software.
  • Reduce costs associated with logistics operations by reducing manpower.
  • Improve order throughput and by extension overall productivity through faster machines.

Step 3 to automate your warehouse: installation of storage systems

The operation of a logistics warehouse is specific to each entity, which is why storage solutions must be adapted and advised by a supplier such as Manorga, which has a wide range of solutions compatible with automation.

At ManOrga, all our storage solutions can be combined with robotic systems. For many years, we have been partners with AutoStore integrators in France and Europe: BitoElement LogicKardexToyota Handling etc. Innovation is a principle that is constantly respected in our design and manufacturing processes, in order to achieve a greener production.

Does your customer wish to automate one of its future or existing installations? Contact your dedicated sales contact for advice on the solution best suited to your customer.

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